India the festive land of celebrations demand an everlasting need for Sugar, spice, & everything nice. Driven by a passion to tickle the taste buds and vision to tantalize our senses. Mr.Dhirendra K Patel (Vaghasia)- A pioneer in Indian Sweets and savories established Murlidhar Sweets & farshan. Today Dahisar & Borivali are addressed as the epitome of Indian sweets with its prominent stores positioned at its heart. With a blend of authentic quality & natural ingredients Murlidhar Sweets are designed to delight you with deliciousness. The farshan made by them have a tinge of traditional spices that makes it truly exotic with everlasting taste.
Murlidhar sweets has a variety as interesting as the indian history for sweets. On all occasions and locations. events and celebrations. We ensure you a heavenly expierence of taste with our affluent assortments. Our irrestible sweets can be customized to melt your heart away.